"The largest lighting showroom in the Midwest is blocks away from Potawatomi Bingo Casino at 2015 W. St. Paul Ave. This place is more than lights. It's almost like your really cool, rich uncle's basement. Sure, they sell ceiling fans (I bought two recently) and every kind of light imaginable, but it's the rooms of "stuff" like pinball machines, beer signs, random autographed photos of celebrities and other similar items that make BBC a great spot for treasure hunting. Check it out. If you've never been there, it's worth the trip."

"The hunt is half the fun at BBC Lighting. Then there’s the great deals you get on all manner of chandeliers, light fixtures, lamps and ceiling fans for every room in the house. The free popcorn isn’t bad either."
– Milwaukee Magazine

"Whoa! Thousands of different lighting fixtures here. Whether you are looking for something for any room in your home, to your office, work, or even your garage, it can be found here."

"Simply amazing selection that cannot be compared to any other."

"When you first walk in there is popcorn available for free! And soda machines nearby."

"Grab a bag of popcorn and begin your journey. It is a lot fun to shop here."
– Krista R.

"Absolutely the best place to purchase fans, lighting fixtures and lamps. We have purchased here for one whole-house gut and remodel, plus three laundromats and a tanning salon. I bring new people there frequently, and each has become a convert. You MUST visit them before any lighting purchase--odds are, they not only have a larger selection, but at better prices. Plus, they are able to anticpate and resolve problems you have not yet even thought of."
– Anonymous

"First of all, this place is unique. There is eclectic kitsch all over the store, from the mini-merri-go-round for the kids, to the popcorn machine to the random autographed (Britney Spears, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brett Favre) plaques hanging all over the store."

"Most of all though, it's a festival of lighting. Ceiling fans, chandeliers, dome lights, florescent lights, any sort of lights. They have a great selection and a lot of stuff that would fit well (without looking too fake-historic) in a nice south side bungalow like mine. From what I saw, there was anything from the very basic to the very high-end - lots of nice choices in the middle."

"All the purchases were for my mom's house, but this will be the first place I go to get stuff for my own home."
– Laura F.

"Recently we purchased some lamps at this establishment and discovered that the company also repairs lamps. Over the course of about two months, we brought in one floor lamp, three large table lamps, and a small desk lamp. The company repaired all of these at reasonable prices, and also assisted us in selecting shades that worked well with these specific lamps. Moreover, when we returned home and discovered that the coloring of two of the lamp shades clashed with the coloring of our walls, the company accepted this back and exchanged them for others that matched our needs much better."

"The prices for repair of the lamps amazed me; they were extremely reasonable, and the quality was excellent. Staff also completed most of the work earlier than anticipated, fixing one lamp while I stood there. They also called me to explain a delay with repair for one of the lamps, which I appreciated. As noted elsewhere, the presence of the numbers of whimsical characters and artifacts scattered about the store makes a return trip a joy in and of itself."
– Angie’s List

"We always shop at BBC Lighting ( in Milwaukee. They can order from many catalogs and their prices are below retail."
– Miss Sassy

"BBC is a lighting source that always offers a unique shopping experience (you will understand once you get there). We are currently rehabbing our 78 year old bungalow and often find new ‘period’ light fixtures at a fraction of the cost we would pay in specialty shops."
"We recommend salesperson Dianne Turtenwald. She is clearly interested in selling you something you are going to love and will go the extra mile to make sure that you do."
– Angie’s List

"If you live in Milwaukee and have never been to BBC Lighting, their showroom is worth a visit. Not just for the Swarovski chandeliers and Waterford lamps but for the free popcorn. How often do you go to a store that encourages you to eat while you shop? You can also browse their selection of framed celebrity photos. It’s a surreal experience."

"Today I bought a semi-flush mount fixture. Not too boring, not too modern — a good fit for my tiny kitchen."

"Now the kitchen beams out 300 watts of light. It's a vast improvement over the 60 watts I'd gotten by with over the summer."
– Naomi

"Great selection, great prices: you can find almost anything here at very reasonable prices. Love walking through the showroom looking for just the perfect accent for the house."
– LA

"We were searching for a chandelier for our dining room; we first went to BBC Lighting and then to City Lights just to be sure we had seen several choices. I was surprised at the difference between the two stores. BBC Lighting: reasonable prices, good customer service, etc. At City Lights, no one spoke to us and they had some of the exact same products as at BBC, but at BBC these chandeliers were literally $300 less. We walked right out of City Lights, and we won’t be returning."
– Jason Goede

"This is the best place to get all light fixtures if you are building your home. If you want to replace and/or update the ceiling fixtures you already have - you can check around all you want - you will never find a better selection or price range than here. Every square inch of their place has a light fixture. Every possible style. They also have fans - big and small - with lighting included. We were looking for a small fan with light included for a very small room. We found the perfect match."
– Rose Mary M.

"Very helpful and patient despite it being a busy Saturday. We explained what we needed and were offered various options. We came away very satisfied."
– Angie’s List

"This discount lighting store has a huge selection of lights for every room in your house. Some are expensive. They also have a selection of outdoor lights. The staff is very helpful, if you don't see something you would like they have catalogs that you can order from."
– Cheryl T.

"We bought a ceiling fan. They had a great selection and salesman was very helpful in helping us choose the right style and color to match our room."
"They offer a great selection of lights and many other things. I would shop there again."
– Angie’s List

"The light is right at BBC L&L. When you first walk in you are almost greeted by the fresh popcorn stand. And there is a soda vending machine nearby. Great for keeping the kiddies occupied while you browse the dozens upon dozens of aisles full of any kind of lighting you can imagine. From beautiful crystal chandeliers to desk lamps, they have everything and anything you could possibly want to decorate your home, office, or business. Excellent selection of lighting products and accessories. Great parking too. The lot is huge, they actually have two lots. :) Plan on your visit lasting you at least an hour. You will be amazed at the variety and selection. There is virtually anything for any decor."
– Krista

"If you are feeling like you need more designer looks, check out BBC Lighting in Milwaukee. They have a great selection of great deals."
– Eichelle Thompson

"It has been a while since I've been here, but this is where we got our two ceiling fans... after having combed through HOBO's, Menards, Home Depot, Lowe's... you get the picture. This place is like an outlet store for lights: You can find *anything*-- and at very good prices."
– Tonya C.

"The best and only place to shop for lighting. Wonderful unique store filled with the best selection of lights in Milwaukee. If we ever move out of state I’ll order from BBC as they also have the best prices."
– Suzanne Nelson

"Mike was great. He was able to make the repair on the spot, though it normally takes longer. I was done in a half hour. Very inexpensive. Excellent work. Really pleasant too!"
– Angie’s List

"After lunch at the Domes, we headed over to BBC Lighting in Milwaukee. Some may cringe on taking their kids to a lighting showroom, but it was actually fun for them. They serve free popcorn - which keeps my kids occupied. There’s a bunch of antiques such as Merry-Go-Rounds, funky, colorful lighting (for example - a stop light. My kids thought it was the coolest light there and that we should buy it for our new house - LOL!) and other odd things for sale. Too bad I didn’t bring my camera inside. Maybe next time."
– Sylvia Laughrin

"We moved recently into an apartment complex that did not have any overhead lighting. We sought for lights that would meet our needs and discovered, quite by accident, BBC Lighting. The staff was most helpful in large and small table lamps that would meet our needs, and where needed, selecting appropriate lamp shades."

"The staff were helpful in making selections that would meet our specific needs, and the prices were excellent, compared to other lamp stores we had visited. The store is ususally packed, as is the small parking lot. The wait time at check-out is made easier by two unexpected and pleasurable discoveries, including the huge array of whimsical and playful equipment, statues, posters, pictures, and other artifacts scattered all about the store, and the popcorn machine, complete with free popcorn."
– Angie’s List

"BBC Lighting & Liquidators has an excellent selection of any and all lighting needs. From a cool light to go over your pool table to a pair of little lamps for a night stand all the lighting in between. They have some of the blown glass with speckles in it. Chandeliers with real crystals. Floor lamps, table lamps, wall mounted lamps. They carry the lightbulbs too. They also carry the hardware you need for insulation. They have a lot of ceiling fan fixtures also."
– Glenn R.

"Helped us pick out and supplied light for our new home construction. Large entry way light, chandelier's over dinette and dining room. All room and hallway lights, three ceiling fans and outdoor lights by garage doors."
"They were helpful in picking out the lights. They delivered right on schedule and the lights look great. Their prices were below other suppliers we compared with same lights."
– Angie’s List